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We Do More Than Deliver!

Furniture & Appliance Delivery - Call (206)719-2161

We are the Seattle area's leading Craigslist Delivery Company.

No item is too small or too large for us to pickup / deliver.  Including:  Furniture, Appliances, Gym Equipment, Building Materials and more.

We also provide a layer of security if you would like us to meet you at the seller's location.

We pickup the item(s), deliver to your home or business and install / disassemble / assemble as needed.

Complete the Get A Quote form and submit it and we will put your personalized quote together and email it back to you.

Our Minimum Rate is $85. Minimum rate is for weekday delivery, from the sellers garage to your garage.  During normal working hours  (8am - 5pm, M-F).  It  includes pickup and delivery of your item and a 20 mile round trip from your home.

Evening & Weekend Minimum Rate is $125. After 5pm and weekends.

We also pickup, deliver and assemble items you purchased from retail stores!

Offer our pickup/delivery service in your Craigslist ad and if your buyer hires us, you get $10 off your next delivery.  (proof required.)

Here are some of the items we have delivered, installed or assembled:

Couch mattress bed desk dresser sofa futon recliner sectional chair entertainment center table dining room table hutch armoire free stuff refrigerator oven stove range dishwasher washer dryer delivery truck delivery service.

We provide Delivery Services for Retailers and Consumers.

Consumer Delivery
When you buy a product at a retail store and need to get it home, contact us.  We provide regional pickup, delivery, assembly and installation services for consumers that need assistance with their purchases.

Retailer Delivery
We help you minimize your delivery expenses including employees, trucks, dispatch and administration.  Outsource your deliveries and rely on us to make your customers happy.  Same day and next day service available.

Call us to determine how we can help you improve your distribution.  (206) 719-2161

Earning More Selling On Craigslist is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1)  When you place your Furniture, Gym Equipment or Appliance ad on Craigslist, cut and paste the following copy to your ad:

I prefer using for delivery.  Contact them to get a quote for Furniture / Gym Equipment moving or assembly and Appliance Moving and Installations.

2)  Email us a copy of your ad to

3)  We will pay you 10% of the base delivery charge by check for your recommendation if we get the job!

Contact us at if you have any questions.  Thank you!

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If you would like a personalized  quote for your service, please submit our GET A QUOTE form.  We will reply within 24 hours.

To contact us by phone dial 206.719.2161.  If you don't reach us directly, please leave a detailed voicemail so we can be prepared when we return your call.

To contact us by email: