Delivery Technicians
We Do More Than Deliver!


How we started
In 2009 a friend of the family had purchased a patio set for her deck from a local retail store and was not able to transport them to her home.  The items were bulky  and would not fit in her car.  The boxes the set was packed in were heavy and she could not move them on her own.  She called and asked if our owner would help her using his pickup truck.  He went to the store, signed for the items, loaded them and delivered them to her home.

Since leaving the Marine Corps in 1989, Rod had worked as a Sears appliance installer, owned a Commercial Cleaning Business (Cascade Building Maintenance) and an Internet Service Provider (ComNet Communications) as well as driving large box trucks delivering plumbing supplies.  His career was flourishing as a Regional Manager for a local Janitorial Supply Company (Pacific Breeze).  His sales savvy, knowledge of the internet and his experience driving large delivery trucks gave him an idea.

Become the premier Craigslist Delivery Company in the Puget Sound area by doing exactly what he had done for his family friend.  Within a few months of hard work he was able to buy his first box truck and has plans to add a larger truck in the near future.  Since then, Delivery Technicians has grown to become a 3rd party delivery company for Furniture Stores, Appliance Stores, Consignment Stores and Department Stores.  We work with property managers, real estate brokers and realtors, apartment management and condo associations to assist with the appliance moving and recycling.

Long term plans are in the works for expansion into other markets in the Pacific Northwest and US.  It all started with one phone call - Thanks Angie!

Our Vision
To help our clients get the job done right while caring for our employees and the community.

We are accepting applications from experienced Appliance & Furniture Delivery Technicians.  Plumbing / Electrical / Refrigeration licensed techs are encouraged to apply.  We are also accepting applications for Full or Part Time Commissioned Sales pros.

Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday 8am - 8pm.

Contact Us
Feel free to contact us via phone during normal working hours:  (206)719-2161
You can contact us via email anytime:
If you would like a personalized  quote for your service, please submit our GET A QUOTE form.  We will reply within 24 hours.

To contact us by phone dial 206.719.2161.  If you don't reach us directly, please leave a detailed voicemail so we can be prepared when we return your call.

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